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Raising attainment through entertainment and learning through laughter.

Covid-Safe Catch-Up

Shows direct to your classroom or to your pupils' homes via MS Teams or your platform of choice.

From only £75+VAT (limited offer). If you're not happy, I won't charge.

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Feedback about the shows...

In these difficult times, using remote teaching for the punctuation show brought fun, engagement and a new face into the classroom! Great, supportive and follow up resources too. - Thank you Barrie. L Hylton
Eastfield Primary
Thanks for delivering your show this morning! I've had 6 members of staff hunt me down today to thank me and say that they enjoyed it! My class were clapping and doing the "Bracket Dance" later in the day as well so it's clearly had a positive impact!
C Agar
Bamburgh School
Thank you SO much!
That was awesome - the children absolutely loved it! It was a great way to start our Thursday morning. Everything ran VERY smoothly. Anna Marren
Beaumont Primary
The information was clear on the ppt and was explained well and straight to the point. How Barrie presented it was great. His expressions and actions/dances were very engaging and funny. He made the learning fun! 
S Darwin
Collierley Primary School

Benefits to Teachers

Better SPaG, Reading and GCSE test results

SPAG tests, GCSEs, Reading tests… they're all a huge cause of stress for Heads and Teachers who are trying to engage pupils in their learning.

Do you think it would be great if there was a way to engage pupils AND improve their SPAG test scores?

You should read on.

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Benefits to Pupils

How do we make SPaG tests and GCSEs fun?

When we go to the theatre, or a concert, we remember what we've seen. We talk about it with our friend. It's an experience that we learn from. The concept of The Punctuation Show adapts this to the school curriculum.

The shows combine a comedy show, a rock concert and a (literally) all-singing, all-dancing literacy lesson to create an impact on results.

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Something for Everyone

Every level of budget and every level of ability

Whatever your punctuation, grammar, reading or English GCSE needs are, you'll find something on this website that will help, whether you have some budget, a small budget, or no budget.

Get more SPAG, Reading and English GCSE help from…


  • Which age group are your literacy shows aimed at?

    The shows have been written to be family friendly, but also to appeal to all. Regardless of the age group you teach, there will be an appropriate show.

  • How do the literacy shows work?

    The shows combine a rock concert, with a comedy show, quiz and an all singing and dancing (literally) English lesson. The focus is to engage in English.

  • How many pupils can be included in a show?

    As many as you like. The shows work best with an aisle down the middle of the audience.

  • Do you provide follow up resources?

    Yes. You will receive a link to a web page, where you can download a stack of follow up resources, including the songs and sketches and over 50 PowerPoints to use in class.

  • How far do you travel?

    The short answer is all over the UK (or further if required).

    The shows have been as far south as the Isle of Wight, as far north as Scotland and pretty much everywhere in between, all in the name of raising attainment through entertainment.

  • How much is it?

    As I travel all over the UK, I'm sure you understand need to know a bit more information. Please drop me an email for a proper quote for your school visit. Prices can work out from as little as 80p per pupil.

Company Information

The Punctuation Show and everything on this site is owned by PODCASTREVISION LTD
Director: Barrie McDermid
Company number - 06990962
VAT Reg - 978 170187
Public Liability Insurance cover for £1,000,000

The mission of The Punctuation Show is to raise attainment through entertainment and encourage pupils to learn through laughter. We aim to please in everything we do and will go out of our way to provide outstanding customer service.

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