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Invent your own game!

Playing is important in a child's development (or even in our development as adults).  For some, it has occasionally been frowned upon when included alongside education.  I completely disagree.  The whole ethos of 'The Punctuation Show...

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Fact and Opinion.

In a world where we rely evermore on the written word (Facebook, Twitter), the difference between facts and opinion seems to be increasingly blurred.  The tendency of some to simply write 'fact' in such a way as to shut down an argument is not o...

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Packaging to persuade...

With lots of people home-schooling at the moment, I thought this PowerPoint would be useful.  It basically takes a standard pizza box and analyses the language used to encourage the prospective purchaser.What's good about it is that it will hope...

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Radio SPAG

Did you know that there's a cartoon version of me hosting my very own radio station?  Check it out on my YouTube channel - Radio SPAG - your pupils will love it.

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Blast from the past...

I was just glancing over some files and found this screen shot of how my site looked back in 2009.  PODCASTREVISION was (and still is) my business name, but I started to trade more recently as 'The Punctuation Show' as that reflects what I'm now...

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The GovealoThis poem was written way back when Michael Gove was the Education Secretary.  It had a lot of people taking an interest (possibly went viral), so I thought it should have a new home on this blog.What was interesting about Michael Gov...

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Grammar Aquarium

For anyone who wants to revise their grammatical skills in a fun way, why not visit the Grammar Aquarium website at  There are over fifty grammatical terms covered and each one has an explanation, a funny video featuri...

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