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“Writing was the subject worst affected by Covid.”

This was one of the key findings from the Juniper Education National Dataset Report.

Schools have always worked hard to ensure that their pupils are effective writers.  The recent pandemic, according to the Juniper Education National Dataset Report has added to that burden. 

The report highlights:

  • The subject most negatively affected by the pandemic was writing. 
  • The negative affect has been felt by ALL YEAR GROUPS.
  • Year 3 has experienced the greatest fall - only 58% of pupils’ writing is where it should be in relation to their age.  IN 2019, this figure was 79%!
You’ll see the priory place in the Schools White Paper 2022 in catching up.

How can 'The Punctuation Show' help improve writing?

With the advent of social media in its many forms, writing is growing ever more important - particularly for young people who write messages more than ever (anecdotal evidence coming from my own daughters).  

Correct punctuation and grammar are ever more critical in ensuring that effective writing takes place.  By engaging pupils and making them laugh, the Punctuation Show ensures that they’re listening to the clear explanations given.  The result: better writing.

There’s also a Grammar Show.

Secure grammar is essential to make sure pupils can write well and communicate their ideas.  The Grammar Show looks at the mechanics of sentence structure and puts the information across in an accessible and fun way. 

As with ‘The Punctuation Show’, a selection of songs, comedy and quizzes are used to hammer the concepts home and ensure that pupils are well equipped for writing in English or any other subject required.

The other benefit of the show format is that staff can also attend and refresh their own English skills.  Not only does the school get an entertaining show, but also some useful CPD through staff attendance.

In conclusion…

With a selection of in person visits or online options, ‘The Punctuation Show’ can help you raise attainment through entertainment, learn through laughter and engage pupils in English.  What are you waiting for?  Get in touch to see how I can help.

Photo by April Walker on Unsplash

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