Based on the SPaG test from 2012, this multiple choice quiz should give you an indication of how you match up to the standards required. You can get your score at the end of the quiz. Good luck.
1. Choose the appropriate word to complete the sentence below.

The police said there were a number of _____________ involved.


2. Which preposition would be best for both sentences?

The birthday card was __________ my brother.
He was _________ Manchester.


3. What’s missing from the following sentence?

there was a huge mess in the sitting room

A question mark
An apostrophe
A capital letter and a full stop
A semicolon

4. Where should the missing question mark go in the following sentence?

“How was your day” asked the teacher.

After the first speech mark
after the word ‘day’
after the word ‘asked’
instead of the full stop

5. Which of the following sentences are commands?

1 Stop that woman!
2 Four people were arrested.
3 Get out of the way.
4 At 6:00pm, the men were found in the wreckage.

2 and 4
3 and 4
1 and 3
1 and 2

6. Which pair of pronouns would complete the following sentence.

The suitcase was so heavy _______ had to ask someone to help _______.

she, he
he, him
them, him
our, they

7. Which word shows us what George did in the following sentence?

George ran quickly so that his friends couldn’t catch him.


8. Which word or phrase would best complete the following sentence?

________________, we missed our train and had to wait for the next one.

Most unfortunate

9. What would be a suitable question to the following answer?

Apple pie.

What’s the time?
Why aren’t you speaking to me?
What do you want for dessert?
How do you fix this?

10. Where should the missing commas go in the following sentence?

Alsatians poodles labradors and terriers are all different breeds of dog.

After Alsatians and poodles
After and and terriers
After all and dog
After labradors and different

11. The following sentence has two capital letters missing. Which are the two letters in question and why should they have capitals?

tomorrow, we’re going to see paul.

to because it’s a short word and see because it’s one of the five senses
tomorrow because it’s the start of the sentence and paul because it’s a name
we’re because it’s a pronoun and going because it begins with a letter g
we’re because it’s a contraction and going because it’s a verb and

12. Which word or phrase would best complete the following sentence?

The audience watched in amazement as the band ___________ their set.

will perform
have performed

13. Find one word that can complete both sentences below.

I need to go to the _________.
We went for a walk by the river ________.


14. Which sentence contains two verbs?

The cats snarl and scratch.
The cows ate grass.
The birds sang.
The lambs played.

15. Look at the following sentences.

He wasn’t sure __________ hat belonged to him.
She enquired ___________ I was interested in music.
They like football __________ I prefer rugby.

In which order would the connectives best fit?
whereas, which, whether
whether, which, whereas
which, whether, whereas
whereas, whether, which

16. Which adverb would best complete this sentence?

The moon shone _________ in the night sky.

17. Which is the connective in the following sentence?

The boys played rugby until they were too tired to continue.


18. Where should the missing exclamation mark go in the following sentence?

“Stop that now” screamed Tom angrily.

After Stop
After screamed
Before the closing speech marks.
Before the full stop

19. Which form of the verb should go into the following sentence?

Female animals always ___________ their young.


20. Which sentence uses inverted commas correctly?

“Mrs Smith asked, Who is responsible for this mess?”
Mrs Smith asked, “Who is responsible for this mess?”
“Mrs Smith asked,” Who is responsible for this mess?
Mrs Smith asked, “Who is responsible for this mess”?

21. Which are the words closest in meaning to:


health, well-being
present, gift
dispute, argument
fun, excitement

22. Which of the following sentences uses an apostrophe for possession?

Don’t spill the milk.
She’ll be very cross when she sees the state of her room.
There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden.
David’s trousers are too big.

23. How is the following sentence incorrect?

The motorist weren’t sure where he was going.

Incorrect subject verb agreement
No subject
Poor punctuation
Lack of capital letter

24. Which are the adverbs in the following sentence?

Close the door quietly and quickly move away.

move and close
door and away
quietly and quickly
the and and

25. Which is the connective in the sentence below?

She had to run or she would miss her train.


26. Look at the following sentence:

He said the teddy was cute, fluffy and cuddly.

Is the comma a

bracketing comma
listing comma
subordinating comma
conjoining comma

27. Which sentence has a capital letter missing?

I enjoyed reading Hard Times.
I’m looking forward to my holiday in august.
I went to see my teacher about the essay.
My family lives south of the river.

28. Which sentence is grammatically correct?

She starting the car.
John is waked up by the daylight from the window.
The toddler enjoyed playing with her doll.
Jeff wish he had a bigger house.

29. Which word is similar in meaning to:



30. How would the following be written in direct speech?

The footballer said it was his ambition to discover as much as possible about our legal system.

“I want to discover as much as possible about our legal system said the footballer.”
“I want to discover as much as possible about our legal system” said the footballer.
“I want to discover as much as possible about our legal system said” the footballer.”
“I want to discover as much as possible about our legal system,” said the footballer.

31. What is the present tense version of the following sentence?

George cooked breakfast.

George cooked.
George will cook breakfast.
George can’t cook.
George is cooking breakfast.

32. Which suffix could we add to the word ‘colour’ to make an adjective?


33. Which two words show a command in the following passage?

Contact the police immediately. Tell them to come to our house.

immediately and them
police and our
to and to
Contact and Tell

34. Which of the following is a subordinate clause?

especially when I speak
Robert enjoys Ludo
Sally likes to sing
they finished the game

35. The following sentence is incorrect.

I’ve already said, I don’t got any sweets.

How should it have been written?

Me already said, I don’t got any sweets.
I’ve already said, I don’t have any sweets.
I’ve already said, I ain’t got no sweets.
I’ve already saying, I don’t got any sweets.

36. In which sentence do the subject and verb agree?

Many of my friends enjoys going swimming.
The boy live down the road.
Girls is walking to the park.
John is very busy.

37. Which are the two nouns in the following sentence?

The girl ran quickly through the park.

The, ran
quickly, through
girl, park
ran, through

38. Which contraction would make sense in the gap below?

I know ___________ going to like it.


39. Where should the brackets go in the following sentence?

Dawn a courteous young woman always smiles politely.

Before Dawn and after always
Before a and after woman
Before woman and after smiles
Before courteous and after young

40. Which is the connective in the following sentence?

When David found out the truth, he was very angry.


41. Spot the adjective and adverb in the following sentence.

The fierce lion roared loudly.

The and lion
lion and roared
fierce and loudly
The and roared

42. Which words mean the opposite of:


happy, joyful
scarce, rare
hard, tricky
scared, frightened

43. Where would you put two commas in the following sentences to make the meaning clearer.

Magazines which can be fun to read are also very time consuming.

After which and after also
After fun and after very
After are and after time
After magazines and after read

44. Which is the verb that shows past tense.

The weather in Italy is usually very nice, but it rained last week.


45. Which sentences uses capital letters correctly?

On Wednesday, pupils from Ridgeway School went to a gallery.
On wednesday, pupils from Ridgeway School went to a gallery.
On Wednesday, pupils from ridgeway School went to a gallery.
On Wednesday, pupils from Ridgeway School went to a Gallery.

46. Which contraction could replace ‘he would’ in the following sentence?

My dad said ________ fix my bike.


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