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Retrieving Information

Retrieving information is one of the simplest tasks in the exam. If the text is read thoroughly, then answering a retrieval question will be little more than skimming through to pick out specific bits of information. A good vocabulary will help with this task as the question might not ask you about specific words.

Read the following extract about Wikipedia Copyright:

Permission to reproduce and modify text on Wikipedia has already been granted to anyone anywhere by the authors of individual articles as long as such reproduction and modification complies with licensing terms (see below and Wikipedia:Mirrors and forks for specific terms). Images may or may not permit reuse and modification; the conditions for reproduction of each image should be individually checked. The only exceptions are those cases in which editors have violated Wikipedia policy by uploading copyrighted material without authorization, or with copyright licensing terms which are incompatible with those Wikipedia authors have applied to the rest of Wikipedia content. While such material is present on Wikipedia (before it is detected and removed), it will be a copyright violation to copy it. For permission to use it, one must contact the owner of the copyright of the text or illustration in question; often, but not always, this will be the original author.

Now take the following quiz:

1. Which statement tells us we don't need to worry about copyright on Wikipedia?
Mirrors and forks
may not permit reuse
Permission...has already been granted

2. Are images treated differently to text?
It's up to you

3. What are the exceptions mentioned?
Where editors have violated Wikipedia policy
When there are only 28 days in a month
Where editors are ugly

4. What do you need to do if you wish to use copyrighted material?
Use it and hope you don't get taken to court
Contact the owner
Say the Lord's Prayer and run around the field three times

5. Who will usually be the owner?
Jeremy Kyle
Your teacher
The original author

Score =
Correct answers:

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