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Kevin Does Complex Sentences...

Complex Sentence Quiz

Test your knowledge of complex sentences in this fun and interactive quiz.
1. What is a complex sentence?
A sentence that makes funny noises
At least one main clause, joined to at least one or more subordinate clause
A sentence that you would take to the fair

2. After full stops, which punctuation mark is most commonly found in complex sentences?
A comma
A question mark
An apostrophe

3. What is the job of a complex sentence?
To make writing more expressive and varied
To deliver milk
To make sand castles

4. Which of the following is a complex sentence?
Eric liked bananas.
Following a hectic afternoon, Susan enjoyed a relaxing drink.
I like tennis and I’m good at it.

5. Which of the following is a complex sentence?
Ted likes Brian.
Apples are very nice, but I prefer bananas.
Inside his hole, Eric the mouse likes to eat cheese.

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