Terms and Conditions

  • We will arrive early to allow sufficient time to set up and we will provide a PA system, microphone and a laptop containing the show content. The laptop is an Apple MacBook, but we will also bring an adapter to allow us to connect to any VGA cable and projector. The VGA cable and projector will be provided by the school. If this is a problem, we will do all we can to help, but this will remain the school's responsibility.

  • Parking and arrival at the school:
  • We need to be able to park reasonably close to the school entrance when loading and unloading our equipment. If the performance area is a long way from the school entrance, then some help with bringing our equipment in would be appreciated. If you know this will be a problem, then please let us know in advance so we can work around the issues and avoid any delays to the start of the performance.

  • DBS Checks
  • A DBS check is no longer required for this type of visit.

  • Numbers of pupils:
  • Pupil numbers should be agreed in advance so we can make an informed decision regarding the size of PA system we bring.

  • What the school should provide:
  • The school will be responsible for providing a suitable performance area depending on numbers and we will require the use of a screen of some description along with a projector. The connection to the projector should be available near the stage section of the performance area to facilitate the connection of our laptop. We will be able to work out how to use most models of projector are set up, but you may wish to ensure that a technician or other member of staff is on hand to prevent a delay in the start of the performance. Pupils will not need anything to write with or write on although they may bring something on which to make notes if they wish.

  • Costs:
  • The costs of the show will be agreed with you in advance and you will be made aware if there are any additional expenses to be borne by the school. We reserve the right to increase costs at our discretion, but you will never be charged more than the price that you agreed for your school. All show prices are subject to VAT.
  • Where we offer a "satisfaction guarantee" this is subject to an issue being brought to our attention before we leave the school building. We will not honour the satisfaction guarantee if there are issues with pupil behaviour (see below).

  • Cancellations:
  • Cancellations from the school made within the week of the performance will be charged at full rate. Cancellations made with over a week's notice will incur a charge of 25%, provided an alternative date is offered. If no alternative date is offered then a cancellation fee of 50% will be made. Any expenses incurred (such as hotel bookings) will have to be passed on and will be made on top of the cancellation fee.

  • If PODCASTREVISION LTD has to cancel a show, the circumstances will be exceptional. The school will be offered an alternative date, or the option to cancel. No fees will be due to the school.

  • Pupil Behaviour:
  • We expect that your pupils will be engaged in the show and behaviour has never been a problem, even with minimal staff supervision. However, if persistent rude or dangerous behaviour occurs within a performance, we will stop the show and charge the school the full fee. We are not responsible for the management of difficult pupils.

  • Filming and photography:
  • The filming of any show should be agreed in advance. If a pupil is caught filming a performance on a mobile phone, the show will be stopped until the phone is confiscated. In such circumstances, we would expect that the phone not be returned until it is free from any recordings of the performance. If the school wishes to photograph the performance, by an officially designated photographer, this is fine (although we would appreciate a copies of any pictures taken).

  • If you do not find the answers you require here then please contact us. We will go out of our way to try to accommodate any requirements you have and to help your pupils learn and have fun whilst they are doing it.

  • Digital Resources and DVDs

  • Once your school has bought any of our digital resources, you have the right to use them in any way you see fit within your school and your school only. You may use them within a class or even on your VLE.

  • Enquiries from federations, authorities or academies made up of several schools should be made separately before making the material accessible to all.

  • Any quotes and prices are quoted through PODCASTREVISION LTD. Schools wishing to pay invoices as a "deemed worker" will be subject to a 30% admin fee. This is to cover additional time taken to do admin and additional costs incurred. The HMRC guidance tool advises that the intermediaries legislation does not apply to my work and schools wishing to go this route are deemed to be doing so through choice.

We assume that you agree to these terms and conditions if you book with us. Any school terms are superseded by the above unless agreed in advance in writing.

We want to build lasting relationships with happy customers.


Business Information:

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Our mission is to raise attainment through entertainment. We aim to please in everything we do and will go out of our way to provide outstanding customer service.

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Mission Statement:

Raising attainment through entertainment.
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